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BioDri Powder

BioDri Powder
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Ref:  AA0146
Brand:  Biolink

Available in a 5kg or 10kg bucket - The makers of Poultry shield and Diatom.

Biodri is a Super-Absorbent, Deoderising Powder with Enhanced Disinfectant Properities.

Key Features

  • Super-Absorbent
  • Reduces Ammonia and Other Noxious Gases
  • Absorbs Virtually it own weight
  • Inhibits the Growth and spread of Bacteria
  • Contains BioVX a DEFRA approved disinfectant
  • Extends Bedding life
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Hazardous 

How to Use

Add 1 cup of Biodri per square meter on top of the animal bedding.

BioDri can be used in poultry houses for various situations. Suitable for odour control, assists with drying litter when birds are scouring (have diahorrea) - when birds are being challenged they will shed harmful bacteria onto the litter which may lead to cross infection to other birds. It can be spread under drinkers to dry and sanitise the litter and hence reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. Also suitable for spreading prior to introduction of the litter and top dressing when birds are in houses. BioDri is completely harmless to the birds.