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Versele Laga Prestige Canary without Rapeseed

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Ref:  AA0252
Brand:  Versele Laga

Versele Laga

Versele Laga - Prestige Canary Breeding without Rapeseed 20kg

Versele Laga are one of the best-known brands of seed mixes for cage & aviary birds and the seed is of the highest quality.

Prestige Canary Breeding without Rapeseed is a versatile breeding mixture, specially for type canaries, yet also for colour canaries where a strong yellow coloration is not desired.


Canary seed 63 %
Niger seed 12,5 %
Linseed 9 %
Peeled oats 6 %
Hempseed 6 %
Wild seeds 2,5 %
Perilla seed white 1 %