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Deli Nature 96 Bullfinch

Deli Nature 96 Bullfinch
 Deli Nature 96 BullfinchDeli Nature 96 Bullfinch 
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Ref:  AA1372
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

A specific mixture tailored to the needs of bullfinches.

  • Large variaty of seeds such as: milk thistle, perilla, small black sunflower seeds, pine seeds, spruce seeds,
    rowan berries etc
  • Top mixture recommended by top breeders


canary seed, rapeseed, niger, linseed, hempseed, grass seed, white perilla, wild seeds, brown perilla, chicory, sesame seed, peeled oats, safflower, buckwheat, spinach seed, marien thistle, black sunflower seeds, mountain ash berries, fine pine seed, cypress seed