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Deli Nature 97 Goldfinch

Deli Nature 97 Goldfinch
 Deli Nature 97 GoldfinchDeli Nature 97 Goldfinch 
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Ref:  AA1348
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature 97 Goldfinch

Due to the non availability of real thistle seed, Deli Nature have been forced to radically change the mix 97 Goldfinch.  For this new mixture, Deli Nature have, in collaboration with Eddy Rimaux, created a new blend that is perfect for large and small goldfinches. Eddy Rimaux is globally one of the best breeders for goldfinch and breeds every year around 800 young goldfinches. He has shared his experience and knowledge with Deli Nature. 

The composition of the new mixture is as follows.  The exact percentages of seeds cannot be revealed for the new mix, but the seeds are in order with the highest % at the top, and the lowest % at the bottom. 

  • Hempseed,
  • Nigerseed,
  • Wild Seeds,
  • Chicory,
  • Perilla white,
  • Perilla brown,
  • White Lettuce,
  • Black Lettuce,
  • Evening primrose,
  • Sunflower piccolo nero