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Aviform Avigold Advance All-in-One Tonic

Aviform Avigold Advance All-in-One Tonic
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Ref:  AA2505
Brand:  Aviform

AVIFORM AVIGOLD ADVANCE - All-in-One Liquid Cage & Aviary Bird Tonic

The direct replacement for Avigold and Avigold Plus, NEW AVIGOLD ADVANCE offers all the advantages of the original products, which combined multivitamins and essential oils.  Our new product not only contains those but also benefits from additional Electrolytes/Minerals, Amino Acids, Prebiotic, Nucleotides, DMG and Aviaryguard.

AVIGOLD ADVANCE truly is the next generation 'All-in-One Super Tonic' for daily addition to the drinking water of all cage and aviary birds for perfect health and condition.

Suitable for Canaries, Finches, Budgies, Parakeets, Parrots etc

Instructions for Use:

10ml into 1 litre of drinking water daily.