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Deli Nature 22 Amazonas Park Amazona 15kg



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Ref:  AA2900
Brand:  Deli Nature Amazonas Park

AMAZONAS PARK AMAZONIA is a balanced mixture for Amazon and Pionus species. The mixture is very rich in fruits (9% including papaya, pineapple and  raisins) because these species like to eat fruit in their natural habitat.

The mixture is enriched with bird grit and extruded pellets for extra vitamins, amino-acids and trace-elements.

Ingredients: striped sunflower seed, buckwheat, white sorghum, safflower, peeled oats, yellow millet, wheat, paddy rice, barley, extruded pellets, vetches, grit, juniper berries, peeled peanuts, carrot pieces, banana slices, rosehips , pineapple, papaya, raisins, red sorghum, mountain ash berries, canary seed, marian thistle, linseed, apple pieces, Japanese millet, chilli peppers.