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Deli Nature 61 Parrot Brilliant

Deli Nature 61 Parrot Brilliant
 Deli Nature 61 Parrot BrilliantDeli Nature 61 Parrot Brilliant 
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Ref:  AA1539
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature 61 Parrot Brilliant is a light mixture with 14% sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rosehips etc.  Parrot Brilliant is an ideal parrot food for parrots who require a lighter diet such as amazons and smaller types of parrots.  Low sunflower parrot diets are often recommended for these types of parrot.


Safflower 16%, buckwheat 10%, white sunflower seeds 7%, red sorgho 7%, clipped oats 6%, peeled oats 6%, striped sunflower seeds 5%, paddy rice 5%, white dari 5%, white millet 5%, pieces of carrots 4%, puffed maize 3%, puffed wheat 3%, cucumber seeds 3%, extruded granule 3%, pumpkin seed 2%, red millet 2%, chili peppers 2%, pine nuts/cedar nuts 2%, raisins 2%, rosehip fruit 2%