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Deli Nature Parrot / Parakeet Egg Food 10kg

Deli Nature Parrot / Parakeet Egg Food 10kg
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Ref:  AA2016
Brand:  Deli Nature

Deli Nature

Deli Nature Egg Food for Parrots and Parakeets is perfectly suited for all types of large parakeets and parrots and is enriched with raisins, berries and dried insects. The eggfood can be mixed with Deli Nature fruit paté to increase the amount of fruit and insects.


Egg and egg derivatives (min. 40% egg), bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, various sugars, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, fruit (min. 4% of which 75% raisins, 25% rowan ash berries), oils and fats, mollusks and crustaceans (min. 2% of which 66% crayfish, 33% gammarus), cereals


Crude protein 17,5%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 4%, crude fibres 3%, calcium 0,66%, phosphorus 0,5%, lysine 1,4%, methionine 0,65%