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Deli Nature Moist Bianco Breeding Food 4kg

Deli Nature Moist Bianco Breeding Food 4kg
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Ref:  AA1836
Brand:  Deli Nature

Deli Nature

Deli Nature Moist Bianco Rearing Food is a ready to use rearingfood for white, pale and mosaic canaries and pale mutations of British finches. 

The rearingfood BIANCO contains no colorants and has an increased Vitamin A content. 
The rearingfood is humidified with 100% natural honey. 
The coarse structure results in excellent absorption.


Bakery products, derivatives of vegetable origin, various sugars, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, seeds, yeast, minerals


Crude protein 17,5%, crude fat 11,5%, crude ash 3%, crude fibres 1,5%, calcium 0,47%, phosphorus 0,2%, lysine 0,7%, methionine 0,16%