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Feast Natural - The Birdcare Company

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Ref:  AA1005
Brand:  Birdcare Company

Feast Budgie/Parakeet/Canary/Finch Natural from the Birdcare Company is an Enriched soft food for budgies, parakeets, finches and canaries.  Dry variety in a natural flavouring.

This feast natural Contains herbal extracts renowned for their prebiotic, anti-protozoal (coccidia) and immune system benefits.

Feast has a 16% protein level and contains a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Feast can be fed dry or moistened for improved palatability. To moisten, mix in small amounts of water until the desired, crumbly, consistency is reached.

This product is Suitable for finches, canaries, budgies and parakeets.