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Nedz Bed Pro

Nedz Bed Pro



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Brand:  Nedz

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Nedz Bed Pro - large bale

Nedz Bed Pro is a great alternative to wood shavings - its made from Oil Seed Rape Straw, and is super absorbent.  It is also easy to compost, and will rot down much faster than shavings, making it the ideal choice for your allotment or home. 

Nedz Pro also reduces ammonia levels and helps with animals that are suffering from respiratory problems.

Why use Nedz Pro?

  • Highly absorbent
  • All natural and herbal ingredients
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non toxic environment
  • Quick and easy to muck out
  • Cost effective
  • Biodegrades within two to three months and can be safely used as fertiliser