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Harkers Harka-mitex

Harkers Harka-mitex



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Ref:  AA0164
Brand:  Harkers

Harkers Harka-Mitex - Eliminates Red Mite in Pigeon Lofts

Key Features

  • Single application with rapid control of infestation.
  • Highly effective against red mite in pigeon lofts which are notoriously difficult to treat.
  • Active protection for up to 12 weeks.
  • Active ingredient is cypermethrin which is safe for use with pigeons in situ without need for their removal.

How To Use

  • With a brush or spray apparatus, apply 500ml of diluted product per square metre of surface
  • Apply to all interior surfaces of pigeon loft, with particular attention to cracks and crevices.

Application Rate

  • Dilute 1 part to 66 parts water - approximately 15ml per litre. (i.e. dilute the entire contents of the bottle with 9 litres of water).


For use against red mite and northern mite by application to interior surfaces of pigeon lofts. Not to be used to treat mites on birds.