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Smite a Mite Ready to Use 750ml

Smite a Mite Ready to Use 750ml



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Ref:  AA0179
Brand:  Pesttrappa

Smite Concentrate - Effective elimination of red mite and other parasites

Key Features

  • Powerful biocidal disinfectant - Micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses
  • Highly effective cleaner - Organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive
  • Super degreasant - Build up of waxes and faecal deposits
  • Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump
  • Economical - Only 3-6% dilution required (1L makes up 34 litres of treatment)
  • Suitable for all animal housing
  • One product for cleaning and disinfecting - Save time and money

How To Use

  • Remove all equipment from the unit as these can harbour mite in the joints.
  • The housing unit and equipment should then be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Take care to remove all litter and manure from every area, thus removing mites as possible. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices, perches and joints.
  • Leave all treated areas to air dry and then dust liberally with Smite Organic Powder to kill any mites and mite eggs which have nit been removed by the cleaning process.