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Harkers Loft Treatment

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Ref:  AA0149
Brand:  Harkers

Hygiene is the science of health. Loft hygiene means using scientific aids to maintain a constant healthy environment in which pigeons will flourish.

Harkers Loft Treatment is active against yeast and moulds (eg. Saccharomyce cerevisae, Aspergilus niger) and will inhabit the development of worm eggs and coccidial oocysts.

Harkers Loft Treatment is presented as a high density, easy to use powder containing Quaternary ammounium chloride, the loft treatment is recommended for all dressing of the pigeons lofts and may be used in the prescence or absence of the birds.

Key Features

  • Absorbent
  • Non- irritant
  • De- odourising
  • Non- toxic used as directed

How to use

After cleaning out sprinkle Harkers Loft Treatment lightly over the floor, paying particular attention to the area under perches where droppings accumulate and also to any damp patches, Harkers Loft Treatment may also be applied where birds are on deep litter or sprinkled on top of droppings when it is not convenient to clean out daily. Harkers Loft Treatment may be used instead of lime, chalk, sand or similar mixtures are replaces all other loft dressings.