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Caitec Perch & Groom Sandy Perch

Caitec Perch & Groom Sandy Perch
 Caitec Perch & Groom Sandy PerchCaitec Perch & Groom Sandy Perch 
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Ref:  AA3397

The Caitec Perch and Groom provides the perfect surfaces for keeping nails short and feet comfortable. 

The core consists of plastic which is formed into a natural branch shape.  Half is covered with the special sandy layer.  

Cleaning is very simple, requiring just a soft brush and hot water.  There are no coarse pores in the surface which helps to prevent staining from droppings and fruit. 


  • Size 1 - X-Small - 12.5 x 1.5cm - for finches, canaries, parrotlets
  • Size 2 - Small - 14.5 x 1.8cm - for budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels and other parakeets
  • Size 3 - Medium - 17.5 x 2cm - for large parakeets and small parrots, e.g. caique, senegal, ringneck
  • Size 4 - Large - for medium parrots, including african greys, amazons and small cockatoos
  • Size 5 - X-Large - for large cockatoos and macaws.