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Beyers Premium Super Energy

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Ref:  AA3722
Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Premium Super Breeding is a complementary energy-rich mixture for the racing season. A high-quality and energy rich mix as supplement during the sport season. Provides the pigeons with extra energy in preparation of and recovery after long distances.


Carbohydrates 28,95%, crude fat 25,09%, crude protein 21,83%, crude fibre 10,64%, crude ash 3,48%, lysine 1,47%, phosphorus 0,5%, methionine 0,37%, calcium 0,1%


Toasted soya beans 20%, cargo rice 20%, peeled sunflower seeds 20%, safflower 15%, hempseed 10%, peeled oats 10%, rapeseed 3%, linseed 2%