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Versele Laga Probi-Zyme

Versele Laga Probi-Zyme



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Ref:  AA1174
Brand:  Versele Laga

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Probi-Zyme (200g) is a complementary feed for birds. Probi-Zyme is a combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This dietary supplement promotes the crop and intestinal flora, increases good intestinal flora, ensures a better digestion of the food and gets the intestinal and crop flora of one day old chicks started.


Probi-Zyme contains probiotics. These are good bacteria present in the bird's intestines (and crop). In addition to the good bacteria, Probi-Zyme contains special enzymes that promote the digestion of the food eaten. The combination of both, if administered at high doses, guarantees optimal functioning of the digestive system. Probi-Zyme is one of the few products in which the concentration of good bacteria is guaranteed




1 level measure (1g) per 100g of egg food or hand-rearing food. Probi-Zyme should be given in conjunction with Oro Digest as this acts as food for the probiotics.  


Gut flora stabilisers: bacillus subtilis C-3102 2 x 10 11 CFU/kg


Enzymes: E1606 - Endo-1,4-?-xylanase (EC - 300,000 EPU/kg; cellulose; hemicellulase; alpha-amylase; protease;


Composition: wheat meal; calcium carbonate; gut flora stabilisers; enzymes.