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ProBoost SuperMax - The Birdcare Company

ProBoost SuperMax - The Birdcare Company
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Ref:  AA2118
Brand:  Birdcare Company

ProBoost SuperMax from the Birdcare Company - 360g

Protein, vitamins and minerals for fertility, chick health and growth and feathering. Contains herbal extract "Flourish" T that supports the birds natural immune system and assists the development of beneficial gut flora. To be used instead of ProBoost and Maxima.

We recommend that you use ProBoost SuperMax in conjunction with the Daily Essentials range, Calcivet (CalciBoost) and Potent Brew.


Add 75g ProBoost SuperMax to 17.5% protein softfood. Add 100g ProBoost SuperMax to 1 kg 16% protein softfood. Add 150g ProBoost SuperMax to 1 kg 12% protein softfood.

Typical analysis:

Protein 84%, Fat 1%, Ash 5%, Flourish, Vitamins and minerals specific for breeding. Shelf -life: 18-24 months